Mixbook™ Photos

Preserving your memories

With the onset of digital photography and phones replacing our cameras, most people tell me “I’m just not that organized to make photo albums of my pictures!” And so, they sit in digital format, not used or enjoyed.

I realized this drawback of the move from film to digital pictures immediately and vowed to be as organized with my digital images as I was with film and hard copy. Not only do I make an annual photo album for my family, but after every major vacation, I make a photo album of just that trip. I usually try to make these albums within the first week of returning from the trip. That way, the trip and memories are fresh in my mind and I can remember the order of events clearly.

After planning and saving for a vacation or special trip, you want to be able to enjoy these photos and memories as often and as easily as possible. Just upload the photos you want included in the album to my Mixbook account, I will design the book and let you know when it is ready to order. The price for organizing and preserving your memories is $100. Let me know if you are interested in this service and I will send you the log in information and password.


Another way to preserve your memories – have your family photos taken on vacation. Visit www.flytographer.com to find professional photographers in communities all over the world.